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Complete distribution devices KRU-APS(E) of the voltage 6 and 10 kV

Устройства комплектные распределительные КРУ-АПС(Э)-6(10)
Complete distribution devices of KRU-APS(E)-6(10) kV series (further KRU-APS(E)), are intended for protection and switching of power grids and equipment with rated voltage 6 (10) kV, rated current up to 315А and current of short circuit up to 32kA.

KRU-APS(E) devices are the advanced analogue of domestically produced devices of K-112, K-108, KRN-IV type and have the following advantages:

  • devices are produced in prefabricated version of the combined high-voltage block, control case and relay protection structure;
  • vacuum switches BB/TEL or VPB-10-20 are applied; their reliability is higher and useful life period is longer, than of oil switches, and the available resource of switching stability with rated current accounts up to 50 thousand "on-off" operations;
  • transformer of zero-sequence current of a new design with the bank of voltage transformers 3х3NOLP is applied. It allows to organize the directed protection and control of power direction;
  • electric energy is accounted in a control case compartment of KRU-APS(E);
  • the volume of installation works to put  the device into operation  is reduced;
Availability of transformers of zero-sequence current and voltage, accounting devices and telemechanization allows to automate control process of transmission lines sections.

Range of application - distribution networks of 6 (10) кV of various purposes, mainly for electric supply of consumers in the areas with cold climate, cathodic protection stations of main oil and gas pipelines.

The example of symbolic notation


KRU with single-way supply with automatic reclosing (AR) of supply-line voltage 6 кV with rated breaking current 12, 5 кА, with the accounting means of electric energy of climatic modification U and categories of installation 1.

Types of KRU-APS (E) according to their functional purposes

PAPV1 - sectioning station of single-way supply lines with AR function;

PAPV2 - sectioning station of double-way supply lines with AR function;

PAVR - sectioning station of lines with ASA and AR functions;

PAVNR - sectioning station of lines with ASA, AR and automatic normal mode activation (ANMA) functions;

PAPV (d) - sectioning station of lines with ASA, AR functions, devices of separatory automatics;

PMR - station of local power supply redundancy;

VED - station for connection of high-voltage electric motor.

Performance specification of KRU-APS(E) is given in table 2.1

The general view and overall dimensions of KRU-APS(E)-PMR-6(10) are shown in figures 2.1, 2.2, 2,32.4

Operating conditions

  • Height of installation above sea level is no more than 1000 m
  • Climatic modification and category of installation is U1, UHL1
  • Working value of outdoor temperature is from minus 60 °С up to plus 40 °С.
  • Humidity at temperature plus 25°С is no more than 98 %
  • Devices meet the requirements of Technical Conditions 3414-031-32574607-2006
  • the Certificate of conformity № РОСС RU.ME25. BO1376

Design and action

Structurally KRU-APS(E) is a metal jacket on a transport slide which consists of two compartments: high voltage distribution plant (HVDP) and low voltage distribution plant (LVDP).

In HVDP a chamber of high-voltage equipment is installed. Its equipment structure is determined by the type of KRU.

In LVDP a control case is installed. There supply and control units of high-voltage switch, devices of protection and signaling of the switch position and protections functioning are located.
On the roof of KRU-APS(E) there is a box of air input with a bracket for pin-type insulators and overvoltage limiters.

The box of air input represents a structure consisting of a metal jacket in which bushing insulators and a bus bar bridge with base insulators are installed.

For operability of the equipment at temperature lower 0°С there is air heating by electric radiators, providing operating conditions for the equipment according to the requirements of standards and specifications on this equipment. Heating devices are switched on and off both automatically, and manually.

KRU are maximum unified in their design, schematic decisions and communicating devices. Control circuits and signaling protection is carried out by automatic switches only.

Air lines sectioning is realized in accordance with a number of standard projects by electromechanical relays, and using high-speed microprocessor devices (SEPAM, BMRZ, Sirius).
On the basis of KRU-APS(E)-PAPV1 the device of KRU-APS(E)-PMR, intended for reservation of power supplies, and the device of KRU-APS(E)-VED, intended for connection of high-voltage electric motors, have been developed.

Operation safety of KRU-APS(E) is provided by:
  • mechanical and electric blockings against incorrect actions of maintenance personnel;
  • availability of inspection windows to control live equipment;
  • grounding with permanently installed earthing disconnectors of all main circuit parts inside the high-voltage equipment chamber of KRU-APS(E).

The main circuits schemes and KRU-APS(E) types according to their functional purpose are given in table 2.2.

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